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RELX Technology Launches Infinity Device That Completely Reinvents User Experience for Global Markets

May 6, 2021 – TRADE-X Distribution

RELX Technology Launches Infinity Device That Completely Reinvents User Experience for Global Markets - RELX Switzerland
RELX Technology Launches Infinity Device That Completely Reinvents User Experience for Global Markets - RELX Switzerland

RELX Technology released its next-generation premium e-cigarette, the Infinity, bringing advanced technological innovation to its mission of helping smokers around the world transition to better alternatives. 

The Infinity features RELX Technology’s latest innovations in product design, vapor quality, mobility, and overall user experience. With over 380 days spent in the design process, the Infinity demonstrates RELX’s capability to continually innovate in the premium product category. 

“The Infinity demonstrates our focus on technological innovation. I’m proud of the entire RELX global team for creating a beautifully designed device, with superior technology, and with a dedication to innovation that RELX is now globally known for. Ultimately our goal is to help current smokers who cannot or do not want to quit, to transition to a better alternative with confidence. We feel the more budget-friendly Essential device also allows users to experience RELX’s premium quality features”.

RELX Super Smooth™ Performance

The Infinity combines beautiful craftsmanship with an optimized vaping experience. The key to this superior experience is the mouthfeel provided by the vaping device. A beautifully crafted device is not enough, experience matters. Scientists at the RELX lab spent countless hours to define a smooth mouthfeel with five key indicators. In addition, the RELX lab team found the optimized parameters of smoothness by conducting 76 sensory tests. This precisely engineered mouthfeel is RELX Super Smooth™.

The perfect puff constitutes a rich vapor that weighs 6-7.5mg; a comfortable temperature that is less than 55°C; is easy to inhale; and has a resistance error range of 0.4kPa and has an atomizer response time of close to 0.2s.The smoothness is made possible by two key RELX technologies: the Active-steam Pro and Air Boost design. Active-steam Pro achieves a consistent vapor volume and quality by actively balancing and controlling both atomizing power and temperature; while the aerodynamic Air Boost design creates negative pressure that pushes the vapor up from the atomizer.


Power that Slips into Your Pocket

RELX Infinity users can charge the device with a USB-C charger or RELX’s specially designed portable charging device. The portable chargers are dust-proof and drop-proof.  Charging the device in the portable charging device is also extremely convenient; users can simply slip the device into place for immediate charge, and slide the Infinity out of the charger with one hand when charging is complete. The portable charging device is only 15mm thick, making it easy to fit into any pockets. While small in size, the electric capacity of the device is 1500mAh, providing up to three days of power for the Infinity device.

Designed for You

All aspects of the Infinity were designed to provide the user with the ultimate user experience in mouthfeel, leak resistance and usage alerts. RELX has completely changed the design of e-cigarette e-liquid pods with the Infinity’s new ergonomic mouthpiece design that is shaped and sized to fit the user’s lip with complete comfort, and the symmetrical design of the pods allows for the pod to easily fit into the device.

Bolstered with metallic seals, maze-like leak traps and silicone layers, the new RELX Infinity comes with a new generation of leak-resistant design. These design innovations ensure that the product does not leak during flight or rough movements. The RELX Infinity also has a built-in SmartPace Alert system to enable its users to vape moderately. If the user takes over 15 puffs within 15 minutes, the device will send an alert in the form of a slight vibration to notify the user.

The Infinity design was perfected through 59 design of experiments and endured testing on over 12,000 pods to ensure leak-resistance and quality standards. RELX has submitted patent applications for over 53 innovations used in the device, including its leak-resistant design, e-liquid pods and wireless charging case. In March 2020, the Infinity was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. The Red Dot is not the first time RELX has been awarded for its product designs. The RELX i, RELX’s first intelligent e-cigarette device was awarded the 2019 Bronze Prize at the European Product Design Awards and the Bronze award at the 2018 International Design Awards.