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RELX Artisan

RELX Artisan Key Visual - A True Reflection of Art
RELX Artisan Key Visual - A True Reflection of Art

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Leather Crafted: Made with prized European leather, Crafted with precision.

Soft and breathable Touch Hand Feel: The interlayer design makes the leather soft and comfortable to the touch.

Battery Indicator: The LED on the device can check the remaining power and charging status at any time.

The Artisan series focuses on high-quality materials and technique innovation, positioning high-end people, dedicated to creating premium products in the e-cigarette industry.

Based on the practicality of the e-cigarette, it is like a personal ornament which shows the personal taste and style.

RELX Artisan devices are compatible with RELX and RELX Pro Pods. Start by simply inserting the RELX pod into the RELX device.

To charge your RELX Artisan Vape properly, it is essential to use a Type C charging cable. This cable ensures fast charging and a secure connection to various power sources. The LED charging indicators provide visual cues throughout the charging process, indicating when the device is actively charging and when it has reached a full charge. With a typical charging duration of 45-60 minutes, you can quickly recharge your Artisan Vape for uninterrupted vaping sessions.

You can charge a RELX device with a RELX pod inserted into the device, but this is not necessary.

No buttons are required to turn on your RELX device, simply inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you have inserted a RELX Pod into your RELX device, you are ready for a unique experience.

RELX devices are easy to maintain. To clean the charge contacts and inside the RELX device, use a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud.

Avoid storing a RELX device for more than two weeks on an empty charge. It is best to charge the device entirely and remove the RELX pod before storing.

As with all products containing nicotine or intended for use with the consumption of nicotine, store the RELX device out of reach of children and pets.

RELX pods are built for puffing under normal drawing pressure. It may take a little extra suction on the first try to get the RELX pod working, but the following puffs should be gentle. Puffing too hard can force liquid up into the air path. It is best to avoid squeezing the mouthpiece between your teeth or lips - this pressure may also force liquid up into the air path and cause leakage. When inserting your RELX pod, place your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece to avoid squeezing the RELX pod as it clicks into place. If you're still having trouble, please contact the RELX global care team.

RELX uses a closed-loop temperature control algorithm designed to deliver the ideal amount of power to the RELX pod. The liquid is heated using an industry standard wick and nichrome coil system.

RELX Pro Pods have an expiry date of 18 months from the date of manufacture, they are meant to be used soon after purchase.

We recommend that you finish using your pod within 15 days of opening it to maintain the best taste. After 18 months, you may notice a difference in the flavour or quality.

To help ensure the quality of the RELX pods, store them unopened at room temperature in a dry environment out of reach of children and pets until use.

Legal Health Warning
Legal Health Warning