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What is the Difference Between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

December 04 2021 – TRADE-X Distribution

What is the Difference Between Vape Mods and Pod Kits? - RELX Switzerland
What is the Difference Between Vape Mods and Pod Kits? - RELX Switzerland

If you recently switched to vaping, these two terms may be confusing. 

There are many adults who’ve already embarked into the world of vaping and still have lots to learn about e-cigarettes.  

While mods and pods are similar, they are not the same thing. Not only do these two devices look different, but they also serve slightly different purposes. 

Let’s look at the difference between vape mods and pod kits and the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can decide which one best suits your preferences. 

What are Vape Mods?

Vape mods, also known as box mods, are modifiable box-shaped devices that enable vapers to customise their vaping experience.  

Mods are great for users who like to engage in various specific types of vaping, such as mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping. Most vape mods are designed for sub-ohm vaping.


  • More cloud production: Mods are compatible with vegetable glycerin e-liquid, which produces an incredibly dense vapour and allows for exceptionally large vape clouds. This option is the way to go if you are looking for a full cloud to provide you with a more visual vaping experience. 
  • More customisable – Mods allow you to add panels with various colours and patterns that will help you to make it your own. These devices also allow you to adjust their voltage and wattage. With mods, you can even build your coil and change out the tank. Some mods even come with more than one coil so that you can engage in different kinds of vaping on the same device. These adjustments will let you tailor your mod to accommodate your personal vaping style. 
  • Better battery life – Mods will have to be charged much less frequently than pod mods. 


  • Less portable – Mods are much larger than pod systems, making them less convenient for discreet on-the-go usage. 
  • No auto-firing – Whenever you want to take a puff from a mod, you will have to press the firing button. This extra step is not necessarily a significant inconvenience; however, if you are looking for the smoothest, most streamlined experience possible, you may want to go with pod mods. 
  • Harder to use – Mods require a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of the experience. 
  • Uses more e-liquid – Mods use quite a lot of e-liquid in the vaping process, which can prove rather costly over time. 
  • Doesn’t allow nicotine salts – It is highly inadvisable to use nicotine salts with sub-ohm mods because it can damage the tank. If you want to use this type of e-liquid, then you should go with pods. 
  • More expensive – Box mods are not outrageously expensive. Still, they are more costly than pod mods, especially since one of the pros of mods is that they allow for customisations that can quickly become costly. In other words, if you splurge on a mod, you will likely want to spend money on making it fit your own style too. 

What are Vape Pod Kits?

RELX’s vape pods, also known as vape pens, pod mods, and closed-pod systems, offer a smaller and more streamlined experience. Many people who vape tend to prefer pod systems because they are simple and easy to use. 

Pod mods have gotten much more popular in recent years. When they were first released, they didn’t taste very good and were not that effective. However, their design and technology have evolved, and they have become a significant rival to box mods. 


  • Extremely portable – Pod mods are perfect for people who want to vape on the go because they are much smaller and lighter than vape mods. This option will easily fit into your pocket or purse to travel wherever you want to go. 
  • More discreet – The small size and easy usage allow vaping this way to be incredibly discreet. People around you may not notice you are vaping. If you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you are vaping, you should choose a pod system. 
  • Auto-draw – You do not have to worry about pressing any buttons at all for RELX devices. 
  • Less expensive – If you are trying to stick to a budget and be more cost-effective, pod mods will likely be the way to go. 
  • Easier to use – Pod systems are great for those who are new to vaping and want to get started quickly without complicated setup procedures. 


  • Less battery life – The battery in a pod system will have to be charged frequently compared to box mods. 
  • Less customisation – Most pod mods are incredibly simple and what you see is what you get. There are few opportunities to curate the vaping experience to your specific style. 

Vape pods are perfect for those who want a low-key vaping experience that they can take part in anywhere. 

Disposable Pods or Refillable Pods?

There is one more facet of vape pods of which you should be aware — disposable pre-filled pods versus refillable pods

The refillable pods are a little more cumbersome and require more effort to get the e-liquid into the pod. 

In most cases, refillable pods are less expensive. However, depending on how much you vape and how quickly you go through e-liquid, it may not be that expensive for you to use disposable pods. 

Generally, both options are cheaper than using mods because, with mods, you will have to refill the tank and replace the coil a couple of times per month, which can add up quickly. 


When it comes down to choosing between mods and pods, it all depends on your personal preference. 

If you want a customisable experience, then the mod is the way to go. Conversely, if you're looking to vape on the go and enjoy an experience that is quick and easy, then RELX’s pod mod or vape pen will probably suit you more.

When it comes to vaping, the choice is yours. Hopefully, now you know all you need to know to make an informed decision between vape mods and pod kits.