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Vape in Style with RELX Artisan

17 décembre 2023 – Trade-X Distribution

Vape in Style with RELX Artisan
Vape in Style with RELX Artisan

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news, the RELX Artisan series is now available in Switzerland. It’s more than just a vaping device. The sleek and elegant design is an A+ style companion for vapers.

This lineup combines the best of existing new features and premium design, unlike any other RELX product. When put together, RELX Artisan is among the top-grade vaping devices in the market.

Curious to find out what RELX Artisan can offer? Let’s explore what true craftmanship looks and feels like.

What is RELX Artisan?

Three RELX Artisan units on a wooden table, leather goods displayed on the background

It’s a new lineup of premium vapes from RELX. There are three models available. All are equipped with innovative features that put RELX Artisan in a class of its own.

At first glance, the one aspect that attracts the eyes is its materials. This timeless vaping device is crafted using only the highest quality materials that will last you for a long time. It’s most evident when you hold the device. The housing is encased in soft but durable European leather, available in three striking colorways.

The first model is a delicate Robin Blue that straddles the line between blue and green. A suitable design for those with a youthful persona.

Next is Indigo Denim, reminiscent of your favorite pair of blue jeans. Vapers who enjoy a modern and masculine design will appreciate this model.

Lastly is the Polo Stripe in ivory, accentuated by a classy navy-and-white stripe that runs down the middle. It’s a must-have if you love all things vintage.

RELX Artisan vs. RELX Infinity

RELX Artisan in Robin Blue

If you already have a RELX Infinity — or are doing your research before buying a new pod vape — you must be questioning one thing. Is RELX Artisan different? Yes, although they have similarities.

Performance-wise, both include the leak-resistant maze and Super Smooth performance that you’ve come to expect and demand from RELX.

Models from both series also share the same pod compatibility (RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro), so you won’t have to worry about needing to switch flavors or start buying new pods. Both are also compatible with USB Type-C cables.

If you’re a RELX Infinity owner who has come to love the Smart Pace alerts that help you keep track of your usage, you’ll be happy to know this feature is present in the RELX Artisan series.

However, RELX Artisan has its own distinct features that set it apart from RELX Infinity. The four-level battery indicator is a feature special to only Artisan models. It lets you know how much power is left, so you no longer have to guess. When charging this device, the lights also blink to tell you how much energy has already been stored.

Saving the best for last, RELX Artisan has a superfast charging feature. How fast? Well, in just 30 minutes, your device will have 80% battery power. Give it just 10 minutes more, and you’ll be fully powered up. 

RELX Artisan Review

A RELX Artisan in Indigo Denim laid on a blue leather

If you’re coming from any of the older RELX models, you will be impressed with what the RELX Artisan offers. It feels luxurious and provides a reassuring heft when held since it weighs more than any RELX model. It tips the scales at 36.3g, which is still quite portable.